Synthetic Iron oxide pigments are mostly used in automotive paints and wood finishes. Meanwhile they are also widely used in the areas of construction paints, industrial coatings , plastic , nylon , rubber,print ink, art coatings, cosmetics and powder coatings.

The excellent weather fastness, UV absorption properties,high transparency and color strength makes Iron oxide to enrich the colors , increase color shades when combined with organic pigments and dyes and improve the condition of poor weather fastness when organic pigments and dyes are used alone without Synthetic Iron oxide pigments.


Synthetic Iron oxide pigments give the stylist the ability to improve durability , transparency and UV absorption of the paint. So they are widely used in automotive paints and in conjunction with aluminum and pearlescence to produce metallic and golden yellow finishes. At the same time , significant cost benefits by allowing cost effective color stylings in combination with more expensive organic pigments can be achieved.

Transparent yellow iron oxide is used in combination with phthalo cyanine pigments to achieve gold to green shades, while transparent red and brown iron oxides can be combined to blue shade reds and maroons.

Wood Coatings

The ultraviolet component of sunlight is principally responsible for the degradation of wood. Synthetic Iron oxide pigments are strong absorbers of UV radiation providing protection for the wood while their color and transparency enhances the appearance of the natural wood grain with a soft color. The high durability and weather fastness of Trans-oxide pigments make them the natural choice for wood stains and furniture finishes.

Plastic Application

There is a growing requirement for the use of Synthetic Iron oxide in plastic application .Owing to its properties of high transparency and color strength and strong absorption of UV, for example , when we use them as the coloring matter of plastic containers , they can also work as UV radiation absorber which can protect the goods in the containers from UV radiation.They can be applied in PET or PP for drinking cans and medicine bottles.

Industry Coating

Coatings containing Synthetic Iron oxide pigments can produce attractive gold and copper effects when applied over metal.
Synthetic Iron oxide pigments are suitable for cosmetics and both exterior and interior coating system and children toys.

Print ink

The Synthetic Iron oxide is as bright as similar organic pigments and transparent dyestuffs, which is suitable for printing of aluminum tube. Due to successful application of car coatings, it may be used in preparation of metallic paints.

Art coatings

Art coatings including metallic paints (water or oil dispersion), scaly figure paint and hammer paint, may keep the art colors for long period due to the high durability property Synthetic Iron oxide.


Because Synthetic Iron oxide is non-toxic and has a high UV ray absorption, it is applicable in cosmetic industry (water dispersion).

Powder coating

Synthetic Iron oxide is able to keep colors unchanged in 5-20 minutes under 130-200 ℃, so it may be used in powder coating.

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